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Editorial Board Declaration

We accept manuscripts written in Russian and English according to our Guide for authors. If the manuscript is approved by reviewers but does not conform to the Rules, the authors get a corresponding notification via e-mail, after which we expect to receive an improved version within a week. However, if the updated manuscript still does not conform to all the Rules, it will be declined.

We accept a revised version of the manuscript only if it is accompanied by a separate file containing answers to peers’ questions and comments.

We always ask for a reading notification when communicating with authors via e-mail. Please do not ignore this request, because these notifications are of high importance in case of any disputes regarding the dates or deadlines.

Information about all the authors should be assembled in a separate file. All fields are mandatory.

Please note that authors’ signatures in the accompanying documents do mean that all authors, including group leaders, department heads etc, have indeed carefully read the final version of the manuscript and agree about its contents.

Since last year we also provide access to the reviewer’s form where main reasons for rejection are listed, and we assure you that it is worth your time to have a look at the form before finalizing the manuscript.

The editorial board is well aware that the majority of our authors are non-native English speakers. However, we strongly discourage the authors from using automatic machine translation, because it often leads to a distortion or even a loss of meaning.

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